Personal Growth Center


The Vine and Branches personal growth center


The Centre is set amidst a breathtaking natural canvas, where the beauty of its buildings and grounds converges to emanate a nurturing and healing aura. Encased within acres of pristine bushland, the Centre is caressed by the majestic presence of ancient River Red Gums. The retreat center, situated in Lower Plenty, Victoria, is both cozy and immaculately preserved. A recent crowning jewel in the estate is a historical church that has been lovingly restored and revived to its former glory, and beyond. Cocooned within a sensory garden, this space is the epitome of tranquility, making it an exemplary venue for practices such as yoga and meditation.

Adding to the comfort and convenience, the Centre is well-equipped with modern kitchen and bathroom amenities. The kitchen is designed to cater to both individual and group culinary needs, making it perfect for community cooking or personal meals. The bathrooms are clean and well-maintained, ensuring a refreshing experience. Additionally, the Centre offers cozy bedrooms for guests who wish to immerse themselves in the tranquil environment for an extended period. These bedrooms are furnished to offer comfort and serenity, ensuring that your stay is rejuvenating and aligns with the holistic ethos of Vine and Branches.